Counselling & Psychotherapy

Stewart Clarke BSW Dip.Psych (ANZAP) M.App.Sci, MAASW (acc.)
Consultant - Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Therapeutic Approaches

People can benefit from different approaches in personal therapy. The nature of the presenting concerns, the social environments in which the concerns are occurring, and available Intepersonal and financial resources all need to be considered when shaping a therapeutic plan.

I generally suggest meeting for 2-3 consultations as part of an assessment and feedback process. This give us an opportunity to assess the presenting issues and history as well as how the 'fit' of working together feels.

I integrate the following evidence based approaches in counselling and psychotherapy work:

  • Interpersonal therapy (particularly helpful for significant life adjustment issues, grief, depression, post traumatic stress, relationship issues)
  • Cognitive therapy (particularly helpful to identify and address distorted and unhelpful thinking patterns eg. 'worst case scenario', 'black and white')
  • Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ( particularly helpful for depression and anxiety, repetitive difficulties in relationships, Intimacy and avoidance issues, unprocessed trauma, self identity/esteem issues, 'Old stuff' being triggered or driving the present in unhelpful/self undermining ways, Gaining clarity on personal/professional directions)

About Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

In an Interpersonal Therapy process, empathic exploration of the issues at hand, works to connect with difficult feeling states. Our significant Interpersonal Relationships (intimate, social and work) are understood to directly relate to our sense of psychological & emotional well being. New communication and problem solving skills are incorporated into Interpersonal Therapy. The therapeutic relationship works to mobilise personal strengths and reduce feelings of 'stuckness' in the problem areas - expanding potentials for positive change.

About Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy offers a space to develop new understandings about some of the confusing and disruptive ways that we can be towards ourselves and others. The Psychotherapy relationship provides a learning forum that can shed light on how and why we get stuck in relating and behaving in unhelpful ways. The therapy helps to integrate new understandings and experiences into our 'sense of self '- expanding potentials for lasting positive change.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy occurs over varying amounts of time (brief through to longer term), depending upon the nature of the presenting needs. Therapy may also happen in phases with negotiated breaks between phases of help.

Session Fees

Individual Sessions $150  Concessions may apply
Couple Sessions $200 - $240  Concessions may apply

A Medicare Rebate

of $75 may be available towards individual session fees (generally 10 rebated sessions p/calendar yr)