My background

Clinical Experience & Qualifications

Trained as a Social Worker (BSW, UNSW) & Adult Psychotherapist (Grad.Dip Adult Psych, ANZAP) - I have over 25 years of experience working in counselling and/or project consultancy roles across both Public Health and Private Practice contexts. Some of these include: Hospital Social Work, Community based psychosocial support programs, Primary Care Mental Health, Aged Care & Community Palliative Care, Veterans &  Veteran's Families Counselling Services & Private Practice.

As an AASW accredited Mental Health Social Worker - I am a registered Medicare Provider for some counselling services. I follow the AASW code of ethics in my practice.

Consultancy Qualification

In addition to my counselling & psychotherapy qualifications - I also hold a Masters in Organisational Dynamics/Development - M.App.Sci (Innovation & Service Management, RMIT). Action Research and Systems - Psychodynamics inform interventions. These models provide helpful perspectives about undertanding and enhancing workplace relationships and group environments.

Examples of Consultancies undertaken

Cross-Cultural Service Provision in Palliative Care: An Action Evaluation of patient and carers experiences of having their ethno-cultural needs identified and met in end of life care at the Sacred Heart Palliative Care Service in Sydney. 1 year/funded by South Eastern Sydney & Illawarra Health Service.

Integrating Holistic Care in Residential Aged Care:
Sought to identify & understand organisational barriers to the provision of psychological and social care in a large Residential Aged Care Facility in Sydney, and to enhance capacities in these areas. 2 years/funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.