Consultancy, Development & Training

Professional Supervision & Therapeutic Coaching

Good Supervision & Therapeutic Coaching provides Professionals with a forum for self care - important when undertaking the challenging work of caring for and/or managing others. It integrates key human relations theories and tools, whilst also providing a safe place for critical reflection about our self in relationship/s with others. This can enhance our professional practices and relationships whilst also providing new learning.

Professional Supervision and Therapeutic Coaching services resource Individuals & Groups in some of the following areas:

  • Navigating challenging 'Systems' Dynamics eg. competing professional demands
  • Managing personal and professional boundaries
  • Better understanding and Enhancement of workplace and team relationships
  • Counselling others
  • Mentoring others
  • Undertaking Clinical Psychotherapy

Professional Supervision/Therapeutic Coaching Fees

Individual/Group – Provided on Expression of Interest

Corporate Wellness and Health/Community Development Training Programs

I hold a Cert 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment and am an experienced trainer.

Expanding Potentials training workshops are tailored to incorporate a range of areas relevant to promoting Corporate/Workplace Psychological and Social wellness and the professional development of people. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Mental Health Promotion workshops - enhancing understandings about common mental health issues and how to better support these in workplaces;

  • Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Team/People Leaders - Introducing Key Psychological concepts such as Transference to enhance the emotional Intelligence of Team and People Leaders;

  • Better Understanding and responding to the impacts of Grief, Loss, and Change in personal and Organisational Lives;
  • Working with the Psychology of Teams and the Broader Systems that they operate within.

Interactive learning that draws on theoretical concepts, whilst staying 'experience near' to the professional needs of participants, is fundamental in the design of all Expanding Potentials Training Workshops.

Training Fees – Provided on Expression of Interest